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Can a criminal conviction affect your career?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2021 | Criminal Defense

If you’re convicted of criminal charges in Ohio, the consequences can be devastating. The criminal justice system is typically designed to punish criminals and provide protection for society, but the effect often spills over into the defendants’ careers. Read on to learn more.

Issues with occupational licensing

Today, criminal convictions can limit your ability to secure licensure for certain occupations. For example, criminal charges related to child abuse or neglect may prevent someone from obtaining a license in the health care profession. Additionally, some criminal charges, including involuntary manslaughter and criminal neglect of a minor, may prevent licensure for any occupation.

Even though criminal convictions are not necessarily related to job performance or daily tasks required by certain occupations, the increasing number of criminal laws has made it difficult for people with criminal records to find employment without criminal charges limiting their ability to earn a living.

Issues with security clearance

In many states, criminal convictions for certain criminal charges can prohibit someone from receiving a security clearance, which is usually required to hold many jobs. For example, an individual convicted of any felony charge may be ineligible to receive government contracts or work on projects related to national defense.

Some states have enacted “blanket bans” that prevent anyone with criminal convictions involving dishonesty or moral turpitude from working with children, the elderly or the disabled.

What are morality clauses?

Morality clauses are provisions in contracts that allow an employer to terminate someone’s employment if criminal charges arise. These types of clauses often require employees to disclose criminal history or criminal convictions before beginning work with the company and may be grounds for termination without notice upon discovery of criminal records. It’s not uncommon for criminal defense lawyers to represent people whose careers have gotten affected by morality clauses.

Having criminal convictions on your criminal record does not mean that you cannot find employment or secure licensure for certain occupations. However, it may make the job search more challenging and require greater effort to secure a license. It’s always wise to try and maintain a criminal record that is free of criminal charges to stay safe.


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