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Cleveland Criminal Law Blog

Hoax leads to 40 felony charges against Ohio teen

It's not often you hear about a teen facing multiple felonies, but a teen in Ohio is facing 40 over claims that they were involved in a swatting hoax in Dodge County.

According to an article out of Dodge Co. Wisconsin, a hoax phone call had been received in March 2018 that led to the SWAT team being deployed. Through investigation, the agency was able to determine that a 17-year-old male from Youngstown, Ohio, had placed the call. Similar incidents had happened from around Mahoning County, Ohio, leading to calls across the United States. Now, 73 counts of delinquency have been filed against the teen, 40 of which are felonies and 33 of which are misdemeanors.

Are you accused of participating in pretexting activities?

Pretexting made the news when Hewlett-Packard employees were accused of engaging in the activity. HP executives had to testify before Congress at a time when the status of pretexting was still unclear. Not long after, President George W. Bush signed legislation making pretexting a federal crime.

What it is

4 face charges after alleged bank fraud

Fraud is a crime that is taken seriously because it affects many. Faking a signature could result in a check being cashed, for example, that then empties someone's bank account. It could be the falsification of documents that help you receive property that isn't yours and wasn't intended for you. You don't hear about fraud often in Ohio, but when you do, it's normally a fairly serious offense. Take, for example, this case involving fraud on Center Ridge Road.

An officer began investigating a situation that was occurring at a local Huntington Bank. There, a man and three others were arrested after they allegedly passed bad checks and forged signatures.

The hidden cost of jail time

Is it hard to find a job after spending time in prison? Felony convicts, in particular, often find it difficult to secure stable, career track employment with important benefits, such as health care or retirement plans. The best path is typically to take all measures possible to avoid conviction, or to preserve financial opportunities if prison is inevitable. 

For those facing serious criminal charges, the post-prison situation should be one of the major considerations when planning strategy. Added up over an entire working life, it is no understatement to say that the cost of a felony conviction could add up hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement funds alone — all for penalties that could potentially be avoided or diminished by a competent attorney. 

Accused of cyberstalking? Get help to defend yourself

One internet crime that can quickly lead to an arrest is cyberstalking. Like stalking a person in real life, cyberstalking is when a person uses the internet to harass a person through email, on social media accounts and in other ways. Cyberstalking is a criminal offense that can lead to harsh penalties.

What's scary to some people about cyberstalking is that it can be a threat from anyone. Even in cases where a person has never met the alleged stalker, they could believe that the individual is stalking them.

What are Ohio's gun control laws?

If you are a felon, then there are some special laws that may apply to you. Of them is one important law regarding your right to obtain and use a gun.

Ohio's laws dictate several situations in which people may not possess or own a gun. To avoid getting into trouble with the law in the future, it's a good idea to know these rules and to stay updated on changes that take place regarding these laws.

Federal embezzlement convictions: What are the punishments?

Punishments related to a federal embezzlement conviction could involve many years in prison. In fact, some defendants accused of this crime are surprised at just how lengthy jail sentences can get. The fines associated with the offense can also be extremely high.

Here are the federal punishments associated with different versions of this crime:

Understanding the effects of alcohol may help you avoid DUI

Perhaps you have grown accustomed to driving after enjoying a beer or two and never worry about law enforcement stopping you. However, it will only take one drunk driving conviction to dramatically change your life. Understanding more about the way alcohol affects you may help you avoid an arrest for DUI.

About blood alcohol concentration

How long does crystal meth show up in a drug test?

Crystal meth is a highly addictive form of methamphetamine. Many Ohio residents are struggling with a crystal meth addiction that they can't get under control no matter how hard they try. When a crystal meth addiction causes you to get in trouble with the law -- or to lose your job -- it could serve as a wakeup call to get the help you need.

Sometimes, as a result of the legal process -- or due to the policies of an employer -- an Ohio resident will have to undergo drug testing. If you have used meth in the past, you'll probably want to know how long this drug stays in your system before undergoing a test. Here's how long various types of meth tests can detect this drug in your system after use:

  • Urine testing: A urine test will show the presence of methamphetamine for up to four days after normal levels of use. However, if someone is a heavy and chronic user of the substance, meth could remain in the urine for as many as seven days.
  • Blood testing: Blood tests will show the presence of meth for between one to three days after use.
  • Saliva testing: Saliva tests will show meth in the system for one to four days following use.
  • Hair follicle testing: The hair follicle test is the one that offers the longest range and it could show that someone used meth up to three months into the past.

Can you get a DUI on prescription medication?

When many people think of DUI, they think of someone operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. However, you can get a DUI as long as you operate a vehicle under any substance that can alter your behavior. That can certainly include prescription drugs. 

According to Ohio law, a person can get a DUI if he or she is under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse. The law typically applies to illegal substances, such as cocaine, amphetamine and heroin, but prescription drugs fall into that category, too. That means even if a person is under the influence of Valium, Vicodin or Percocet, he or she can face DUI charges for an accident. All of these substances appear on urine tests, so it is best to not get behind the wheel if you feel a prescription may have altered your thinking. 

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