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Cleveland Criminal Law Blog

Criminal histories hurt both colleges and students

The United States comes in first place for the world’s highest prison-population rate. A criminal history brings about various consequences. People lose their jobs, run into financial hardships and can sometimes get stuck in a vicious cycle. Students are no exception to the statistic, or the issues a tainted record can cause.

Study finds judges less likely to offer bail to black defendants

It is the goal of the criminal justice system to look at the facts of a case and distribute just and fair verdicts and punishments. It is an unfortunate reality that there are times when circumstances are not always fair, however.

A new study which will be printed in The Quarterly Journal of Economics has found that bail judges are less likely to offer bail to black defendants. This finding comes after examining data from over 160,000 cases in Philadelphia and Miami which took place over an 8-year period.

What do the courts consider before sentencing?

Felonies in Ohio are penalized in accordance with the felony sentencing guidelines within the state. The state published documents that state that the point of penalizing those who have committed crimes is to make sure the public is protected against future crimes. The courts aim to use the minimum number of sanctions against a person to accomplish the desired result without imposing unnecessary burdens on local or state resources.

The courts always consider whether or not there is a need for deterrence, rehabilitation, restitution and incapacitation. The sentence needs to be in line with the severity of the crime and should not be based on the offender's gender, ethnicity, religion or race.

Protect yourself against white collar crime charges

White collar crime is generally a non-violent act that takes place in business. The primary goal is for the person or people participating in the crime to obtain assets or some form of financial gain as a result of their actions.

There are a number of well-known white collar crimes, like fraud and tax evasion. These are just two of many, however. There are a few more kinds of fraud that can land a person in trouble with the law.

Internet crimes: Federal crimes worth understanding

Internet crimes include numerous actions. They may include hacking a government computer, using another person's identity online or stealing credit cards for online purchases. Internet crimes could include selling a product and never shipping it, invading someone's privacy by reading their emails and other acts.

Internet crimes run the gamut, but one thing to be aware of is that they're all federal crimes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that victim losses topped $1.4 billion in 2017, showing just how serious internet crimes can be for those they involve.

Punishments you could face after a bar fight

Bars are places where intoxication and emotions can run high. This can be a violent combination that has led to many altercations in these establishments. Some of these fights might end with a couple of bruises and black eyes, while others can have potentially fatal injuries.

Cuyahoga County's drug court program could help you

Drug charges are serious, and you need to treat them as if they're going to land you in jail even if it's unlikely. By looking at the worst-case scenarios, it's possible to prepare yourself and defend your case in a way that will help you get away with little to no real penalty, depending on the circumstances.

The goal of any attorney working with a client with drug charges placed against him or her is to find the right way to protect his or her interests. If you have an addiction to drugs, for instance, it may be in your best interests to go to drug abuse counseling or substance abuse treatment instead of going to prison. That's something your attorney can fight for.

Man accused of theft, scamming homeowners faces felony charges

A man in Milford has been charged in relation to a roofing scam, according to a July 2 report. The report out of Cincinnati states that there were nine different homeowners who were stolen from during the course of the scam.

The man accused of scamming the homeowners, a 35-year-old, faces a total of eight felonies for stealing from the elderly. Six are fourth-degree felonies, and two were raised to third-degree felonies. He also faces 10 counts for theft. Those are also felony charges of the fourth- and fifth-degrees.

Cyberterror: Defending yourself successfully

Cyberterrorism is any politically motivated and prearranged attack that is made against data, computer systems or computer programs that results in violence against those who are not combatant targets.

Cyberterrorist attacks are created to physically harm people in the United States. The U.S. Commission of Critical Infrastructure Protection states that cyberterrorists tend to target power plants, water systems, the banking industry, military installations and air traffic control centers, but there are no targets that specifically fall into cyberterror categories.

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