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Accused of installing a keylogger? Protect yourself

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2018 | Internet Crimes, Other Crimes

If you’ve worked on computers, you may be familiar with the term, “keylogger.” A keylogger is a type of spyware tool that is used by cybercriminals. This tool actually records every key you press on your keyboard, which could mean recording Social Security numbers, phone numbers and other identifying information.

Keyloggers come in many forms, but many look like a USB adapter. Some are installed directly into a keyboard or computer tower. These kinds of keyloggers are installed manually.

Other kinds of keyloggers don’t require a physical device. These pieces of malware may be downloaded unexpectedly as part of a Trojan virus or rootkit. Rootkits have an added advantage, because it’s unlikely for antivirus scanners to detect them. Over time, the keylogger records information. Then, it’s sent to the person who installed the program from afar.

As someone accused of installing a keylogger on another person’s system, you’re facing serious trouble. There are some reasons why you could be falsely accused, though. Perhaps you work with someone who installed a physical keylogger and have been set up to take the fall. Maybe you installed the files on someone else’s computer not realizing what they were.

Regardless of how the keylogger was installed, it’s important that you protect yourself against the allegations. Internet and cybercrimes are federal offenses and may have long prison sentences or heavy penalties associated with them. Our website has more information on what to do if you’ve been accused of this serious crime. You must defend yourself, so you can protect your reputation and good name.


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