Identity theft is a serious allegation that you need to defend yourself against as soon as possible. An accusation essentially says that you’ve been bold enough to take someone else’s personal information and to use it for your own personal gain. Whether that’s true or not, you have the right to protect yourself and to a fair trial if your case goes that far.

One kind of identity theft you could be accused of is credit card fraud. This is when a person takes a credit card or uses its information for his or her own benefit. For example, if you use, sell or buy the credit card information, you could be accused of identity theft and credit card fraud.

You can also be accused of credit card fraud if you use your own credit card knowing that you don’t have enough money for a purchase. The purchase then does not complete, but you keep the item, which means the item is not paid for.

If you sell items or services to someone knowing that the credit card being used was stolen, then you can also be accused of fraud.

In each of these cases, it’s possible for the facts to become skewed to put you in a bad light. Fortunately, you have the right to talk to your attorney and fight the allegations against you. Our website has more information about credit card fraud and what you should do if you’re accused of it. You need to make sure your rights are not violated while the case is investigated.