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Having the ingredients to make drugs can get you in trouble

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2017 | Drug Charges, Other Crimes

You know that you can be accused of a drug crime if you’re in possession of items that could be used to create drugs, but are they really that common? It’s true that many items that can be used to create drugs can be found in your home, and having the wrong combination of them in your possession could draw questions.

For example, consider this unusual formula for methamphetamine. It uses over-the-counter cold pills, two-liter soda bottles and some chemicals you may be able to find under the sink. With just a few shakes of the bottle, those mixing the items can create methamphetamine.

It used to be that methamphetamine could only be created in a lab. It was a hazardous drug to create, and it often led to explosions. It was hard to hide the smells and smoke from the reactions, so those creating it would often work in rural areas.

Now, people can make meth in smaller batches using items you can pick up at the grocery store without so much as an ID. Some states have become familiar with the new technique and made it harder to purchase items like decongestants with pseudoephedrine. By doing this, those wanting to make meth had a harder time getting everything they need.

Interestingly, the new technique for making meth requires no flame but is just as dangerous. It can cause explosions and result in toxic waste that has to be handled correctly. If any oxygen is in the bottle at all at the time of the mix, the entire chemical reaction could go sour, exploding then and there.

If you’re accused of a crime like this, know that you can defend yourself. Having supplies to make a drug is a far cry from actually doing so. Our site has more information on what to do next.


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