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How can having a DUI impact my future?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2017 | OVI Charges

A DUI is a serious charge to have. Many people in Ohio feel that the most serious things they have to worry about are losing their drivers licenses and spending some time locked up. They may also believe that after they have paid their fines, restitution and completed all court-ordered requirements, they no longer have anything to worry about. However, driving under the influence convictions have far-reaching consequences that can affect you for many years after the date you were convicted.


There is nothing glorious or rewarding about having a DUI conviction on your record. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed about the situation, and your behavior towards those who care about you may reflect those feelings. You may also have to deal with family members and loved ones who are concerned about your situation and trying to help. It may change the way some people feel about you because the situation is a direct cause of you acting recklessly.


Many employers frown upon people who have DUI convictions. DUIs can affect your employment eligibility for certain types of jobs that involve driving, alcohol and children. The amount of time you need to take from work for court, therapy, meetings and other conviction-related issues may put you at risk for termination from your job. Driving while under the influence is a situation that can only occur from you making a bad decision. This choice ultimately will follow you all through life and is a reflection of your decision-making skills to current and potential employers.


When a DUI conviction prevents you from working in certain fields, it also limits your income potential. The amount of money you have to pay out to deal with the seemingly endless effects of the situation can be draining on your financial resources. You also have higher car insurance rates to deal with and may get dropped by your current insurer.

Education, certifications and licenses

Some occupations, like doctors, nurses and teachers, do not allow DUI convictions. Any licenses and certifications you have are revoked. Also, many higher education institutions reject people who have DUIs in their criminal background.

The consequences you face are much worse if you have a felony DUI conviction or multiple convictions. You could lose your eligibility for federal housing and your right to vote, own and carry firearms. If you are facing a DUI charge or are dealing with a situation that involves intoxicated driving, you should talk to an attorney so you can learn more about your options.


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