There are many types of sex crimes, all of which can land a person in a bad position. Depending on the charges and if a person is convicted, this type of crime is often punished by imprisonment.

With so many different types of sex crimes, it is often a challenge for people to understand what they did wrong. In many cases, a sex crime originates on the internet.

For example, the distribution of child pornography can be facilitated online. When this happens, it adds another level of challenges to the legal process.

Some other types of sex crimes include child molestation, statutory rape, sexual assault, attempted rape and soliciting minors on the internet.

Federal and state authorities are taking a hard line in regards to sex crimes. This could mean that a person is charged with a crime he or she did not commit. It may also mean that authorities attempt to punish somebody severely, despite the fact that this should not be the case.

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