Police in Warren, Ohio, are looking into a case where they believe children may have consumed drugs that were in the possession of their mother. Accordingly, investigators said that the mother could be charged if that turns out to be true. The mother has been listed as the main suspect in the case.

The matter unfolded when the children were taken to a hospital in Warren. They were unconscious, but breathing. The children were given naloxone in the form of Narcan, and have both been moved from Warren to Akron Children’s Hospital.

The police did note that the toxicology reports have not come back yet, so they don’t technically know what it was that caused the children to pass out. They think, however, that opiates were the cause.

Reports note that only one of the children has learned how to walk and crawl, while the other is too young. Police have speculated that the more mobile child may have first found the drugs and then shared them with the other child, if the mother did not directly give the drugs to the children on her own.

The police have started their investigation of the home, as they got permission to enter and look for evidence. Though the teams have been thorough, they have not officially released any information about what they’ve managed to uncover thus far.

Those who are facing drug charges have the right to a fair trial, and it’s important to know all of the legal options that exist, especially when children are involved and the ruling could impact child custody rights.

Source: WKBN 27, “Warren PD: Kids probably ate drugs, mom could be charged,” Nadine Grimley, Feb. 03, 2016