A raid on a house on Wakefield Drive in Akron, Ohio, led to the arrests of two men by the area’s drug task force. Police say that they seized heroin in the form of bricks and black balls. According to court records, the heroin was valued at $240,000. Equipment for mixing and packaging drugs was also in the home.

The Akron Municipal Court applied first-degree felony drug trafficking charges to a 27-year-old man taken into custody at the raid. The other man, 25, received a drug possession felony charge. Bonds of $250,000 each were placed on both men, who were placed in the Summit County Jail.

After receiving a tip, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency asked the task force to monitor the property. Although the home appeared to be vacant, a sudden burst of activity lasting about 20 minutes and involving 15 cars at the house indicated otherwise. The Ohio State Highway Patrol pulled over a vehicle that left the house and allegedly found 3 ounces of heroin in the driver’s bags. This evidence prompted the raid on the home.

In situations like this one, trafficking in heroin or possession of heroin could result in prison time. A person accused of a felony has the right to legal representation. A criminal defense attorney could defend a person’s rights during the court process and help him or her decide if a plea bargain deal offered by a prosecutor is acceptable or not. This advice might help a person avoid agreeing to an unsuitable deal. Plea bargains sometimes allow a person to get a lighter sentence.

Source: Cleveland.com, “Drug investigators find an estimated $240,000 worth of heroin in vacant Akron house,” Adam Ferrise, March 6, 2015, updated March 10, 2015