A husband and wife are facing criminal charges after a significant quantity of marijuana was discovered in their home on Feb. 3. The 45-year-old man and 47-year-old woman each received two counts for possession of marijuana along with two counts for drug trafficking. It is unclear what evidence led authorities to target the couple’s home for a search and seizure.

The drug search was executed at a residence in Solon. Members of the Southeast Area Law Enforcement Narcotics Task Force allegedly discovered more than 19 pounds of marijuana along with over two pounds of hashish. Firearms, packaging materials, digital scales and materials that are used to produce hashish were also found in the house.

According to reports that came out after the incident, Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services was notified about a child found living in the couple’s home. Authorities also reported that the home was located less than 1,000 feet away from Solon Middle School. Two days after the couple was taken into police custody, they appeared at Bedford Municipal Court. Court records indicate that their cases have been transferred to the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

Before police officers can conduct a search of someone’s private property, they must obtain a proper search warrant. If police fail to secure a search warrant or if there was a mistake on the search warrant that was issued, this information could be useful for the defense. By establishing that police failed to follow protocol, a criminal defense attorney may be able to have any incriminating evidence suppressed before it can be presented in court.

Source: Cleveland.com, “Solon couple facing drug trafficking charges after 19 pounds of marijuana found in home,” Evan MacDonald, Feb. 5, 2015