Ohio police report that they have taken two people into custody for allegedly being involved in a robbery. The incident is said to have occurred near the intersection of Trabue and North Wilson Road in Columbus shortly after 2 a.m. on Oct. 27.

Sources say that the robbery took place at a Thornton’s Gas Station in west Columbus. Responding officers detained a woman’s vehicle about a half mile away from the gas station and accused her of being the robbery’s getaway driver.

Police took a man into custody at the scene of the alleged robbery. Media sources say that a weapon was found, although it is unclear whether the weapon is tied to the man that was taken into custody or if it was used in the robbery. Both of the accused individuals might face felony charges with respect to the case.

Being convicted of armed robbery is a serious offense that could have dramatic implications for a person’s future. In addition to being forced to serve time in prison, someone labeled a convicted felon may carry the stigma with them for the rest of their life and be left unable to secure gainful employment in the future.

If someone is accused of a crime such as this, they may wish to secure legal representation to review their case and represent them before the prosecution. In some situations, it may be possible to mitigate the severity of the charges or of any sentence that may be imposed. An attorney may be able to review the prosecution’s evidence against a defendant and possibly formulate a strong defense in response to the charges.

Source: WBNS, “Two People Arrested After West Columbus Robbery“, October 27, 2014