A 19-year-old man alleged to be responsible for a fatal store shooting on Nov. 19 is also facing charges in an incident from the previous night. Officials allege that the man entered a fashion store on the evening of Nov. 18 and stole clothing. According to officers, the clerk noticed that a weapon kept behind the counter was missing. The employee claims that the man pointed the weapon at him and left the store with the clothing and firearm.

The following afternoon, a shooting incident occurred in a different store. Reports indicate that the man entered another clothing shop and later exchanged gunfire with the store’s owner. The man was shot multiple times before being tackled by a customer. The owner died after suffering a gunshot to the head.

The accused man was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center in order to receive treatment for gunshot wounds. He was charged with aggravated robbery, and sources did not mention if any other charges are pending.

An individual charged with robbery might be facing serious penalties, especially if the incident led to injuries to another individual. In such a situation, a criminal defense lawyer might be helpful in reviewing official documents and other evidence such as video camera footage to ascertain the facts of the case. If there are inconsistencies in police reports, for example, a lawyer might be able to question the validity of the events that allegedly occurred. A plea deal might also be a viable option if the prosecution team has strong evidence against a defendant.

Source: WYTV, “Alleged store shooter charged in earlier robbery“, November 21, 2014