In 2002, a local Ohio police marshal was fired after claims that he had failed to do his job properly. More recently, he was arrested on multiple allegations, including drug charges. The arrest followed an investigation into an alleged drug ring that was operating across several states and was ultimately taken down.

Apparently, Ohio authorities discovered a growing operation for marijuana after executing a search warrant on the former marshal’s home. At the time of the search, a child was reportedly in the home. Both he and his wife were charged and indicted for endangering a child as a result of the minor’s presence.

Other individuals accused of being involved in the drug ring, including a 22-year-old and a 46-year-old male, have pleaded guilty to various charges. These include felony charges for drug trafficking, drug trafficking with a firearm and simply possessing marijuana, and the younger of the two was sentenced to eight years jail time as part of his plea agreement. In total, eight people — aside from the ex-Marshal — from that area face charges related to the alleged drug ring.

At this point, the former Ohio marshal has been indicted on felony drug charges, including marijuana cultivation, endangering children, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, petty theft and three other charges. While others who have faced similar charges related to the alleged drug determined that a plea agreement would be the best course of action, their decision is not a reflection of guilt upon the defendant in question, and his rights and innocence must be maintained during court proceedings it. An astute review of his charges with the alleged evidence can provide insight to both the former Ohio authority and his counsel on how to best proceed in order to procure the best outcome possible.

Source:, “Former marshal’s arrest related to major drug ring, authorities say“, Terry Smith, July 10, 2014