On April 6, police received information regarding the alleged rape of a woman. According to reports, a man allegedly forced himself on her at a residence whose location is being kept confidential for the time being. At some point, the victim claims the man became violent and used unidentified weapons to threaten her into submission. Authorities eventually took an Ohio man into custody on felony charges of rape in connection with the incident.

The Ohio woman was taken to an area hospital to be treated for injuries she allegedly suffered in the attack. While at the hospital, officials gathered evidence and took the woman’s statement. Supposedly, her attacker was someone known to her.

It is not clear who made the initial call to the police or how they determined the woman was the victim. She was reportedly unwilling to cooperate with police about the alleged rape. However, authorities somehow gathered enough information to seek out, arrest and book the 43-year-old Richmond man they currently have in custody. Nothing is known about the supposed victim other than the fact that she is from New Paris.

Authorities report that, once prosecutors review the evidence, additional charges could be filed. It may be to the accused man’s benefit to ensure a careful review of that evidence by his criminal defense team. Once that review is complete, all of the options can be discussed, and the best course of action regarding his defense against these felony charges can be formulated. Fortunately, he is considered innocent unless prosecutors are ultimately able to convince the court otherwise by the exacting measure of proof required by our criminal justice system.

Source: daytondailynews.com, “Richmond man held on Ohio rape charge.“, Sandy Collins, April 11, 2014