The fact is that most mothers would do just about anything for their children. For one mother, this meant ending up facing drug charges. Authorities say the woman attempted to deliver drugs to her son who was incarcerated in a federal prison here in Ohio.

An Ohio State Highway Patrol investigation led to the arrest of the woman for attempting to pass drugs to her 21-year-old son. In February of this year, the woman made the decision to agree to plead guilty to conveying drugs to her son at a federal institution. In exchange, prosecutors dropped the remaining charges originally filed against her.

As a result, she was sentenced on April 8 to 90 days in jail followed by four years of probation. The judge also ordered a one-year suspension of her driver’s license and ordered her to perform community service. This is all to be done in conjunction with other actions ordered by the court such as counseling.

Every individual accused of a crime has the right to be considered innocent until proved guilty. Even so, sometimes the evidence prosecutors intend to present to the court makes going to trial too much of an unknown for a person accused of a crime. At that point, other alternatives bear consideration.

After a review of the drug charges filed against this Ohio mother, she and her criminal defense team made the determination that it may be a better option to plead guilty. This gave the woman the opportunity for a guaranteed outcome. In addition, the remaining charges against her were dropped. Doing so narrowed the penalties that could be imposed by the court.

Source:, “Oak Harbor woman gets 90 days for drug charge“, Cynthia L. Jacoby, April 21, 2014