Since 2012, The Ohio Bureau of Investigation Crimes Against Children has conducted investigations into illegal activity on the Internet involving children. The Bureau searches for files on the Internet believed to be child pornography, then traces the IP address of the computer accessing those files. Through a subpoena directed at the Internet provider, they track down the physical location of the computer allegedly accessing those files. A search warrant is then obtained and executed to obtain evidence that could lead to an arrest for suspected Internet crimes involving children.

Investigators say this process led to the arrest of an Ohio man suspected of downloading child pornography. A grand jury indicted the man on 22 second degree felonies related to this supposed activity. These charges are more serious than the nine counts of viewing child pornography, a fourth degree felony, with which he was charged after the execution of the search warrant. It is the downloading of child pornography that elevates the counts to a second degree felony.

Police seized evidence purportedly belonging to the accused man. Among that evidence were several computers and boxes of materials allegedly found in the home. Some of the grand jury evidence likely came from these seized materials.

The accused man has pleaded not guilty to the charges. One focus of the man’s criminal defense team will likely be to review the evidence and the police investigation related to the alleged Internet crimes charges to ensure his legal rights were protected throughout this process. After such a review is conducted, he and his team may review all of the options to determine what approach could lead to the most favorable outcome possible for this man.

Source:, Falls man charged on child porn, Christopher Bobby, March 14, 2014