Back on Nov. 26, 2013, we first reported about the death of an 18-year-old girl near an Ohio high school (“Ohio teen faces felony charges in death of another teen”). At that time, authorities questioned, arrested and charged a 17-year-old with her death. That teen now faces presenting his criminal defense to the charges in adult court.

Originally, the teen was charged with murder and aggravated murder in addition to other charges. The indictment recently handed down does not include those charges. However, it does include charges of tampering with evidence, rape and kidnapping. It is unclear whether the murder charges are still being pursued against him.

When the accused teen was first questioned, Ohio police claim that he made certain statements regarding the incident that could only be known had he been there. Further, it is alleged that he admitted to throwing a knife at the victim. Supposedly, he attempted to alter the crime scene and even removed the battery from her cell phone in an attempt to hide certain aspects of the crime.

The crimes against this young man carry significant penalties, and he could lose his freedom for a long time. His criminal defense team will undoubtedly pour over statements made by him and others as well as any physical evidence prosecutors intend to present in court. Not only will they be looking for inconsistencies upon which to form a defense, but they will also be looking to ensure that their client’s civil rights were not somehow violated at any point in the process. Once the review is complete, the best course of action can be formulated to achieve the best outcome possible for the teen.

Source:, Teen Accused In Reynoldsburg Murder, Rape Indicted, Denise Yost, Feb. 6, 2014