A former administrator of an Ohio Montessori school has been arrested on 20 counts pertaining to child pornography. The felony charges arose out of an investigation conducted by the school into the former director’s use of a company credit/debit card. According to the school, the man had been misusing the card.

As a result, the school informed the police, which began an investigation into the alleged embezzlement. It was not reported what made the school believe that the credit/debit card the school gave him had been misused. The theft charges were made by the school after they fired the man back in May, supposedly because he wasn’t performing his duties. He had been with the school for more than three years by the time he was let go.

The Ohio school had conducted a background check before hiring the man for employment with the school. That check revealed nothing that made the school believe that the man was anything other than trustworthy when it came to his contact with children. As a matter of fact, the man spent some 35 years of his life helping working with and helping students, and it doesn’t appear there has ever been any indication of wrongdoing on his part.

It has not been revealed what evidence authorities have against the man to substantiate the felony charges filed against him. It seems quite a leap from an investigation into misuse of a company credit/debit card to child pornography. Even so, authorities will have to conclusively link the man to the embezzlement and child pornography before he can be found guilty of the crimes with which he has been accused.

Source: fox19.com, Alfred Allen of McGuffey Montessori faces felony charges, No author, Sept. 24, 2013