An Ohio man was arraigned on July 22 after being arrested at his home in Cleveland. Police received a phone call indicating that the man may have been involved in the case of the bodies of three women that were found in trash bags. He did not enter a plea with regard to the felony charges he is facing which include kidnapping and aggravated murder. The man indicated to the court that he did not want to exercise his right to have a preliminary hearing. He is being held on a bond of $6 million.

The bodies of the women were each found in a vacant house. One was in a garage, another was in a backyard and the third was in a basement. One of the women has been identified, but the other two women have not yet been identified because the bodies are not in good shape. It has been estimated they had been dead anywhere from six to 10 days. No other bodies have been found, and the investigation is said to be ongoing.

Police say they received a phone call that led them to the man they currently have in custody. There was a brief standoff at the man’s residence. One source has indicated that the man said he was inspired by another Ohio serial killer.

Every person facing felony charges is considered innocent until proven guilty, this man included. He has the right to confront any witnesses against him and to review all of the evidence believed to link him to these crimes. Until and unless the prosecution proves beyond a reasonable doubt that this man killed those three women, no conclusions can be drawn with regard to his guilt or innocence.

Source:, “Bodies found wrapped in trash bags in Ohio,” Thomas J. Sheeran, July 22, 2013