Police still aren’t sure why an Ohio man was in a Cincinnati high school wearing only his underwear. When police arrived, they found the school had been vandalized. The man was arrested on felony charges of vandalism and breaking and entering.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office reported that several windows in the high school had been broken out using rocks. Inside the school, numerous fire extinguishers had been used. The 23-year-old, 295 pound, 6-foot-5 inch man was reportedly the only person inside the school at the time and was wearing nothing but some Spider-man underwear.

After he was arrested, the man reportedly told police that he was trying to find his coach. Police admit they have no idea what motive the man could have had for vandalizing the school. No further information has been released about why the individual was out in public in nothing but some underwear. It is unknown whether the man was impaired in some way at the time he was found inside the school or where he had been prior to the incident.

The fact that the man was inside the school when police found him may not be up for debate, but whether he was responsible for the broken windows and used fire extinguishers is not as clear. Since the man was already inside the school when police arrived, the state of Ohio will have to provide some better proof than just the officer’s suppositions. The accused man will have the right to review all of the evidence against him, including all of the official reports, in order to prepare his defense to the felony charges against him.

Source: 10news.com, “Police: Man vandalized high school while wearing ‘Spider-Man underwear’,” Casey Weldon, July 8, 2013