One of two people accused of stealing approximately $675,000 from an Ohio based company pleaded not guilty to the charges against her. She is charged with several crimes related to the embezzlement, not the least of which includes several counts of telecommunications fraud. It is alleged that she embezzled about $228,000 of that $675,000. The other charges include conspiracy, corruption and aggravated theft.

The other individual was supposed to appear in court the same day, but did not for some reason. He faces the same charges, except he is charged with more counts of telecommunications fraud. He is being accused of embezzling the remaining funds. He was arrested after suddenly quitting his job and leaving the state. Within days, the woman was also taken into custody in the same city.

The company manufactures digital and custom labels and tags. The company’s manufacturing facilities are out of the state, but its headquarters are here in Ohio. The owner of the Ohio based company feels as if he was betrayed by the pair. He said that he considered one of them to be a friend.

Both accused individuals are considered to be innocent unless and until proven guilty under our system of criminal justice. It will be the responsibility of the prosecution to prove that these two former co-workers are guilty of the crimes they have been charged with in connection with the embezzlement. However, that does not mean that they shouldn’t work closely with their counsel to examine all of the evidence against them in order to mount a solid defense against the charges they are facing.

Source:, “Not guilty pleas given Tipp City business embezzler’s first court appearance,” Will E. Sanders, March 26, 2013