The bodies of an Ohio couple were found by a construction crew at their home in New Franklin. Police have arrested a 14-year-old boy they believe was involved in the deaths. He is facing felony charges to which he has pleaded not guilty alongside an 18-year-old who allegedly dated the couple’s daughter.

Police believe that the killings were revenge for the couple not giving their blessing for the 18-year-old to date their daughter. How the younger boy is involved has not been made clear. According to reports, the official investigation into the killings has not yet been completed.

The 18-year-old is also facing charges stemming from the stabbing at a party of the couple’s daughter. Apparently, the young man attempted to visit the girl in the hospital, but her parents would not allow it. It does not appear that the young boy has been charged in the stabbing.

Even though the 14-year-old would be ineligible for the death penalty if convicted of a crime in connection with the couple’s death, the state of Ohio may try him as an adult. Both he and the older teen are innocent until proven guilty of the felony charges facing them. The state has yet to turn over all of the evidence in this case, and until that evidence can be examined, it may not be possible to prepare a defense for these boys. The consequences facing these two teenagers are serious, and the state has an obligation to turn over everything the investigation has revealed to defense counsel so it can be examined prior to any further court hearings.

Source:, “Boy, 14, pleads not guilty to killing Ohio couple,” April 8, 2013