Last year, 17 Ohio residents pled guilty to taking part in a drug trafficking scheme that operated throughout the state. As a result of the please, sentencing recently began in federal court.

The first to be sentenced were two men believed to be top-level members of the group that allegedly moved cocaine and heroin. Both men now prison time as the result of drug charges for their supposed involvement in the operation. The arrests and prosecution came after a coordinated investigation involving the FBI and local police.

As a result of their guilty pleas, both men are up against tough sentences. Specifically, one of the men will spend 20 years behind bars and 10 years on probation, while the other received 10 years in prison and another 5 years of probation.

In some cases, law enforcement may offer a plea deal in exchange for a confession. The success or failure of plea bargaining in a case involving drug charges can often depend on what is possible for legal officials to provide. It can also depend upon the specific nature of the charges filed. It is crucial to know how the system works and how law enforcement may be willing to provide lighter sentences in return for a guilty plea, information and cooperation.

Ohio residents who receive drug charges quickly understand how seriously these cases are prosecuted. With evidence apparently stacked against them, individuals may think that they are simply out of legal options. However, navigating this process with an experienced legal professional can open the door to achieving a better outcome.

Source:, “Two men sentenced on charges related to local drug-trafficking ring,” Ed Balint, Jan. 30, 2013